12 December 2012


G+T Residential Extension
A large extension to an existing home utilising various devices to obscure the old bulding from the new (but a brief requiring that the two connect) the roof line of the existing dwelling initiates a new dynamic folding roof dictated by the inspiring vistas to the south. The intention is to create a sense of mystery for the visitor upon arrival by car. This is followed by a slow reveal on foot, as the dwelling is unveiled via a journey through an entry building of hidden garages, separate accommodation and a pool room. With a nod to the historic cottages found in the area, a stone wall creates a fortified entry . On arrival through the stone mass the vistor enters a courtyard with an infinity pool along the south edge, and a contemporary building clad in zinc to the west . The latter, containing kitchen, living, bedroom and sauna below, embraces the spectacular alpine views that the existing house currently turns its back on.

Client: Private
Location: Queenstown, New Zealand
Year: 2011-2012